Private Events

Private Event 1Life is about creating memories, expressing gratitude, showing appreciation, and most importantly life is to be celebrated! In the Italian culture celebratory gatherings and the traditional fare that is shared amongst family, friends, and colleagues is the way for these memories to resonate and for the appreciation to be heartfelt.

There is an Italian saying that holds true to the Caffé Italia philosophy,
“Entri Come Amici, Vada Come Famiglia”

In translation:
“Enter Like Friends, Leave Like Family”

You may enter the doors of our quaint establishment for the first time as a friend, but you will leave always knowing that you have become a part of our family!

Private Event 2When planning your next private celebratory gathering you can trust that Caffé Italia will provide the classic intimate setting you are looking for. Our event coordinator will work closely with you to create a personalized menu for you and your guests to enjoy. The Caffé Italia family takes great pride in offering our guests the finest Italian cuisine coupled with quality service to ensure a most memorable dining experience that will last a lifetime.

For more information about private dining with Caffé Italia, please feel free to contact Maria Karandy via email at